Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Tips For AnimeIowa 2008

It's always good to be prepared well in advance for a big event like AnimeIowa. This year, you should be sure to keep several of these important tips in mind when getting ready.

  • Bring A Toothbrush

    There's nothing worse than having scummy-feeling teeth throughout such a great event, but this is the last thing you'll think of when preparing. Be sure you can brush your teeth at least on Saturday and Sunday morning.

  • Brush Up On Your Japanese

    Learning japanese is always fun for any anime fan. Anime, after all, is Japanese animation, and knowing Japanese means you can enjoy more anime. Knowing a little, though, will help you understand what other people might say at an anime con.

  • Bring Extra Clothes

    Nobody likes a smelly otaku, and everyone likes feeling clean. Bring extra clothes, 3 to 5 pairs, just in case you need them.